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Invitation conférence 2016-2017 Harcelement

حضرة الأهل الكرام مع انتشار التنمير بين التلامذة، خاصةً المراهقين منهم، وما ينجم عنه من مضاعفات نفسية واجتماعية، رأت الإدارة أنه من  :الواجب إعلامكم ببعض الحقائق حول هذا الموضوع. لذا، تدعوكم المدرسة إلى محاضرة يليها أسئلة ونقاش بعنوان    التنـمير                      Harcèlement …

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St Barbara’s day in Jamhour

It was fun! It was joyful! It was awesome! Everybody enjoyed his day at school today! It was an epic St Barbara’s Day at school. We visited other classes, chanted out loud, danced freely and ate popcorn. This is what is so called a good time! Happy St Barbara’s Feast …

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KG2 open doors

November 30,2016 It was an awesome day at school with the students and their parents! It was really fun to attend classes together and spend a usual school day with a warm feeling of the parents being around! This is how the KG2 annual open doors was.

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