New option for private use of the school application

Dear parents,

In order to inform you about private and personal data, the school is adding to its downloadable application (Antonines Hazmieh-Jamhour) a private portal for each family access (parents and students).

Every family will have a username and a password given to you on Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 October 2020 via the elder child’s school E-mail.

This portal will provide you with personal private information related to your children:

  1. Agenda (of their class and section only)
  2. Attendance (and absence)
  3. Grades of all past exams or tests.
  4. Balance of Account (this option will be activated later on)
  5. Notifications, messages, and personal notes sent by the school
  • To access it for the first time, you’ll have to put in the username and password on your mobile. You can still use the same username and password on more than one device.

The pdf linked hereby will guide you through the setup of your account (username and password):  CND APPLICATION- PARENTS

  • To get your personal username and password, kindly follow these steps:
    • Sign in
    • username: ………….
    • Password
    • Outlook
    • Inbox

N.B.: Please take into consideration that the link of the agenda that used to be on the main menu of the school application will be deactivated on Monday 26 October 2020.

The Administration.


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